Meet Our Scientists

Ru Shen, MS

Research Investigator

Biology Discovery

"I obtained my MS degree at SUNY-Binghamton. Prior to joining EBI, I worked at Wyeth's Oncology and Neuroscience Departments for fifteen years. I apply my skill set in molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, histology, and imaging to our drug discovery programs. During my seven years at EBI, I worked on almost every project from assay development to pre-clinical candidate selection. I am excited to see several of them are in clinical development."

Dong Liu, PhD

Associate Director

Medicinal Chemistry

"I joined EBI in March 2010 as one of the first chemists. Since then, I have successfully delivered multiple preclinical candidates (PCC) in PARP, BRAF, BTK, EZH2, ROR agonist programs. SHR1459 (BTK inhibitor) and SHR2554 (EZH2 inhibitor) have enter phase I clinical trials. I have increased my responsibilities over the years, currently, I am leading the chemistry efforts of multiple projects from target evaluation, lead identification, lead optimization to PCC profiling and selection.

Prior to joining EBI, I worked on novel macrolide antibiotics and HCV protease inhibitor programs in Enanta Pharmaceuticals for 5 years. I made contributions to the discovery of two approved HCV drugs – Paritaprevir and Glecaprevir (part of Abbvie’s blockbuster drug Mavyret).

I received my Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Chicago and B.S. in chemistry from Nanjing University."

Matthew Miller, PhD

Senior Principal Investigator

Structural Biology

"After training as a structural biologist at Northwestern University, I completed a post-doc at the NIH studying protein-RNA interactions. As an assistant research professor at Rutgers University I was introduced to structure based drug design. At Eternity I am using my training and experience to help our medicinal chemists design the next generation of treatments for cancer and auto-immune disease."